Harry Potter - A year at Hogwarts


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Age: 7+

Players: 1-8

Duration: 45 min

Language: French

Description: You have just received your letter of acceptance to enter the world’s largest school of witchcraft «Hogwarts» led by the greatest sorcerer of all time Albus Dumbledore. Win the Four Houses Cup by competing in Quidditch and the Dueling Club.

• 3 game modes: «first cycle sorcerer», «major team sorcerer», «return of Lord Voldemort» ( the game can be played alone )
• Relive the saga through the 30 missions (1 to 10: Films and Books 1, 2 and 3), (11 to 20: Films and Books 4 and 5), (21 to 30: Films and Books 6 and 7).

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