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Payment methods

Order minimum 20 dollars


Payment methods accepted when you choose LIGHTSPEED PAYMENTS :

- Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)


20 april 2022 - We have many orders for the moment, so we don't accept anymore for now The Pay at pick-up option :) Contact us if you need to put aside a product for you !


((Since January 2021, you can place your order on the website, and the payment will be done after by phone, thanks to your credit card, also with your gift receipts Du Luv dans ton panier !

When we are not in lockdown :), you can come pay directly in stores, ideally in this of Verdun. Thank you to wait a confirmation that your order had been treated before to move.

Payment methods accepted in stores, when you choose "PAYER AU RETRAIT DE LA COMMANDE" :

- Cash

- Gift receipts (Du Luv dans ton panier uniquement à Verdun)

- Debit cards

- Crédit cards (Visa, Mastercard) _ (American express uniquement à Verdun)