About Us

Your Amuseologists have been on Wellington Street since 1968!

One of the oldest stores in Verdun, Louis Durand  and Maurice Brault it's creators is very keen on keeping it a small family store. With a few changes to the store name, a new location in the Carrefour Angrignon, and here we are half a decade later with a new website !

It's with sadness that our store at Carrefour Angrignon is closed since the 8th of may 2022, after more than 40 years in the mall.  New adventures to come ! - Le Boulevard Monk is coming the friday 25th of November !

It is our goal to help our customers explore new interests and to inspire them to reach for bigger things. Every individual has their own needs, preferences, and experiences that our staff would love to hear about while we help find the right ideas and solutions for you. 

It is our ambition to have a stronger footprint in our surrounding communities over the next few years. While we are still under construction, we would love your feedback on how we can make a more relevant impact.

It is with great sadness that we announce to you the closure of the Angrigon Mall store since the 8th of May 2022, after more than 40 years. And remember, to every ending there's a new beggining. We will see you in the next one.

Our strong points:

  • Almost 400 plastic model kits from brands such as Tamiya, Revell, AMT and associated accessories such acrylic paints, enamels, and others
  • Accessories for various model projects. 
  • Hundreds of puzzles ranging from 24 - 18,000 (not for now:)) pieces!
  • Plenty of social games as well as educational games.
  • Variety of products of Dungeons & Dragons

As well as:

  • Toys, of course!
  • Arts and crafts supplies.
  • Classic games and cards.
  • Cribbage accessories, game pieces, and dice.
  • Paint by numbers and other pass times. 

We can't wait to see you in our 2 stores :



between 1st avenue & Willibrord on the Promenade Wellington !!! 

4570 rue Wellington
Verdun H4G 1W7
514 761 1249
  • MONK

instead of l'animalerie Océan

6033 boulevard Monk

Montréal (Ville-Émard) H4E 3H5

438 380 9559


Monday 10h - 17h

Tuesday 10h -17h

Wednesday 10h - 17h

Thursday10h - 20h

Friday 10h - 20h

Saturday 9h - 17h

Sunday 10h - 17h